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If you’ve been spending your time searching for ‘scrap metal removal near me’ then you should stop searching. We’re one of the greatest scrap metal companies in Newport County, RI and we offer scrap metal removal services. Whatever scrap metal you have lying around in your home, just give us a call and we’ll remove it.

The odds are high that at least some of your old junk that you have laying around, has some metal parts to it. It could be metal pieces from repairing your car, from a home renovation project, or from old things you’re no longer using. Whatever the case, there are definitely scrap items in your home that shouldn’t be going into the regular trash. That’s because the metal is a very valuable resource, which can always be recycled and turned into a new item.

Scrap Metal Companies

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Foley’s Junk Removal offers scrap metal removal services, whether that’s from your business or your home. We’re insured and licensed and we can do all of the heavy liftings so that you don’t have to break your back doing so. And you don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen to that metal after we remove it from your location because we’re going to take it to a facility to be recycled.

Practically all metals can be recycled, no matter the type. In fact, it’s possible to recycle most types of metals multiple times so that they can serve multiple purposes. The most frequently recycled metals include brass, aluminum, cast iron, steel, bronze, tin, and copper. Steel is the metal that people recycle the most from that list. So if you’d like to contribute to those numbers, give us a call!

Scrap Metal Removal Services

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If you think that all the scrap metal in your home is in the form of old appliances and random nuts and bolts left over from old projects, you’re not quite right. In fact, most of the scrap metal comes from things that are in common household objects. Things like cooking tools, wires, pipes, pans, pots, and wires. But there’s also metal in electronic devices. For that metal, there’s extra attention and care involved when removing it from the item, because some electronics can contain dangerous metals or chemicals.

But aside from all that, our scrap metal removal can also remove any metal from your old construction project and the remaining debris, or even your old car. Our experts know exactly how to remove all of that scrap metal. And all you need to do is give us a call.

Scrap Metal Removal Near Me

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Not only is recycling metals great for the environment, but it’s also great for our economy. Having people go into mines to get raw materials that then need to be reworked into metal, which then has to be reworked into useful items is costly. It’s a lot more effective to just recycle the old metal that’s not in use anymore. So you can feel better about getting rid of old things by knowing you’re contributing to multiple great causes.

If you’ve been looking up ‘scrap metal removal near me’ and you want to choose one of the great scrap metal companies, give Foley’s Junk Removal a call. And if you’re outside of Newport County, we also operate in the following locations:

  • Providence County
  • Kent County
  • Washington County
  • Bristol County

Give us a call today if you have questions, concerns, or comments about our services. You can also get a free estimate on our services!

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