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If you’ve been spending all your time searching for ‘yard waste removal near me’ online, then you can stop wasting any more time and give us a call. Foley’s Junk removal is one of the best yard waste removal companies in Washington County, RI. And we offer affordable yard waste removal costs including a low tree debris removal cost.

Maybe you have a bunch of leaves piled up high in your yard, and the only thing they’re good for is for pets and toddlers to run into them. Or perhaps you’ve piled up all the weeds you pulled out in the spring, and now you just need to get them away from your property. Whatever the case may be, our yard waste removal service is there to help you.

Yard Waste Removal Companies

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If you’ve left out your yard waste beside your garbage cans so that the garbage collectors can pick everything up, you may be wondering why they haven’t done that already. They already passed by your house this morning and got all the garbage, but didn’t even touch the yard waste. Well, that’s because these days, a lot of garbage collection services avoid picking up yard waste. And that’s because not a lot of places accept it anymore. So what are you to do with a bunch of bags of leaves or weeds? It’s simple.

Just pick up the phone and call one of the top yard waste removal companies around. Call Foley’s Junk Removal and ask for our yard waste removal service. If you give us a call, you can even get a free estimate on our service. There’s no need to keep looking for ‘yard waste removal near me’ when you have our number. Call today and let the pros take care of things.

Yard Waste Removal Near Me

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When talking about yard waste, you might be curious about what that might comprise. Well, our professionals can remove anything from leaves, grass, and branches, to tree prunings, trees, and tree trunks. Anything you need to get removed from your yard, we’re here for it. Instead of having to go and check to see whether or not the local landfill will accept yard waste, you can just give us a call and avoid the hassle. And not only that, if you’re taking care of it yourself it gets even harder. You’ll also need a truck to make the transportation process a lot easier. Otherwise, you’ll need to arrange a way to get the yard waste to the dump.

But you don’t have to waste your resources or your time going through all of that work on your own when you can just give us a call. Our yard waste removal pros can do any heavy lifting to get the yard waste removed properly. And we’ll do it at an affordable price, including an affordable tree debris removal cost.

Tree Debris Removal Cost

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You might not know this, but you shouldn’t be leaving the fallen leaves lying around in your yard for too long. Not only are they going to start decomposing, but they’re also going to pile up, which is exactly what can cause problems. If you have too many leaves, the water runoff is going to slow down whenever there’s a storm. And if there’s ice, the water can’t even reach the soil, since it’s blocked by both leaves and ice.

Instead of waiting around for your yard waste to remove itself to avoid all those issues, you can just hire our yard waste removal service. And if you’re not in Washington County, we also operate in the following locations:

  • Bristol County
  • Providence County

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